Au revoir ma petite Lapin….


Bunny Tranter has been working flat out on getting Uncle Tacko, Captain Ginger, Beano and the motley Prom-Prom crew all primed, peeled and ready for action for the Summer season. Her charm and skill in managing the Silver Screens oral history project has meant that it has run smoothly through the 18 months of its duration. Now, after endless hours of late night toil and a red hot telephone, the 2012 summer season has finally come to an end and Silver Screens is nearing completion, she has decided to explore pastures new with her new company Backscratch in County Durham. However, we hope Bunny will still help to maintain Prom-Prom’s digital presence and once again will be appearing in pantomime as one of the Babes in “Babes in the Wood” (directed and written by Tony Lidington) at the Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond, later in the year. Her work and support has been invaluable over the last 2 years and we wish her every success with Backscratch.


Au revoir ma petite Lapin….