Spikes’ Punch & Judy act

Nephew Spike Bones is a 20 year old second generation showman and nonsense merchant, with a skillset that includes puppetry, clowning, music and general tomfoolery.

Nephew Spike Bones’ Punch & Judy show is a traditional, yet alternative take on the slapstick fun of Punch & Judy. In this 25-minute show, set inside a traditional puppet booth, everyone can laugh along with the many misdemeanours of Mr Punch and Ms Judy, along with their usual adversaries. Grandparents, parents and children alike will delight at all their merry misadventures – from stolen sizzling sausages, to a silly snapping crocodile.

This is an old artform made new, as Spike Bones reacts and interacts with whoever and whatever Mr Punch spies, leaving all the generation to agree “That’s the way to do it!”

Spike’s Punch & Judy act
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