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Tony as Uncle Tacko!

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At Promenade Promotions we provide a number of high quality acts for all the family and a wide variety of occasions.

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Uncle Tacko on megaphone with family crowd

Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus

Available as a walkabout or static act, ideal for infestations of festivals, family events, cabarets and all gatherings of nonsense – Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus is bound to thrill, excite and baffle.

Uncle Tacko is itching to show you his international troupe of personally trained fleas…

“This is an intimate, exuberantly entertaining show delivered with energy and panache by Uncle Tacko. It is refreshing to see new life breathed into the old Flea Circus…Go see it!”

“Uncle Tacko and his troop of travelling fleas will have you chuckling in your sleep that night. Never before have I seen such death defying acts of bravery from creatures large or small as from this band of miniscule marvels. But don’t get to close or you may go home with a flea in your ear.”
Anthony Green, Anglesey


Uncle Tacko and Ginger on castle battlements Captain Ginger & Uncle Tacko

“Captain Ginger” is Uncle Tacko’s cheeky monkey, who has become a firm favourite with everyone for his saucy banter and endearing personality. This is a walkabout and mix & mingle act which is perfect for festival, family fun days and corporate events. This act can perform around and about in almost all circumstances – even wet weather, large crowds or parades and pre-school age groups.
Uncle Tacko & Captain Ginger




Uncle Announces Summer Season 2014The Imaginarium

Uncle Tacko’s Imaginarium is a showman’s booth with a gorgeous entrance that can contain an audience of 20-30. Lovingly hand-made by Joseph Robson in 2012 and toured extensively since.

“The Imaginarium,…was a great success, with a colourful tent, attractive equipment to draw in a crowd and a series of  acts which held audiences fascinated,  despite the extreme heat of the Eisteddfod week.  This represents good, virtuoso entertainment, enjoyed by both young and old…”
Mike Law, Organiser of the Field Stage programme 2012-13


Dom-Tink!The Dom-Tink!

The Dom-Tink! is a tip-top attraction! A 20 foot high, try-your-strength “Dom-Tink!” machine.
Can you whack his nobble and ring Uncle’s bell to win a coveted ‘King of Ding’ badge? It’s merely a matter of courage, pride and dignity!






The Tinglary

This authentic barrel piano or ‘Tinglary’ will give your event an even more family fairground feel – spectacular and atmospheric, no show should be without some of these banging tunes!

‘Tinglary’ is the old Yorkshire word for a barrel piano, which has piano hammers that strike strings as a result of a series of pins rotating on a barrel. This is an early form of mechanical music and the fore-runner of the gramophone, record player, CD player and ipod.


Tony Raree Man with fully laden cart

The Raree Man’s Peepshow

‘The Raree Man’s Peepshow’ is Tony Lidington’s  latest venture into the world of historical, nonsensical popular entertainments.

Like ‘Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus’ and ‘The Imaginarium’  this is the next brilliantly bonkers and highly entertaining project to explore historical forms in contemporary contexts.

It was developed in 2015 and had great shows. Available for 2016.




Illustrated Public Talks

Each talk lasts 1 hour, with 10 minutes for Q&A. Suitable for adults and families – the talk can be tailored for the ability and awareness of the group.


Prom-Prom delivers a range of practical workshops related to the material we produce.

We can also provide extended workshops or residencies on a variety of themes tailored to your needs.

All our acts have risk assessments and public liability insurance