Oh What A Lovely Pier!

Tony celebrates the Great Days of the West Pier, Brigton in his 1995 BBC Radio 4 Archive Hour ‘Oh What a Lovely Pier!’. With contributions from, amongst others, the late Corin Redgrave.

One thought on “Oh What A Lovely Pier!

  • June 22, 2015 at 11:42 am


    I am doing the research for a National Trust Exhibition, One and All, A digital Voyage Through Sight Sound and Sea. This is a Trust New Art commission by three leading artists Martyn Ware (heaven 17/ Human League) Owen Sheers and Tania Kovats, who are working across sound, poetry, and art to mark the powerful and personal links that we all have to our coastal landscapes (read more about it here http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/article-1355898038972/)

    I am looking to find quotes and sound clips of people reminiscing about the seaside and this radio clip of Oh what a lovely Pier! is of interest to me.

    Are the BBC copyright holders of this clip? I was wondering if you could tell me your policy on permission to use snippets of it in our soundscape.

    What would your policy be if we wanted to take quotes of what you have said and replicate them using actors and actresses? Are w allowed to do this if proper crediting and referencing is given to you or do any licensing fees apply?

    Many thanks,

    Faye Brown

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