Uncle Tacko's Flea Circus


Uncle Tacko is itching to show you his international troupe of personally trained fleas… gasp in amazement as mighty Hercu-Fleas pulls a golden chariot around the circus ring, gaze in wonder at Madam Flea-Flea’s daring leaps on her flying trapeze and watch out for the smouldering sensuality of the Russian acrobat – Olga Ivanitch, plus many more tiny feats of astonishment.

Available as a walkabout or static act, ideal for infestations of festivals, family events, cabarets and all gatherings of nonsense – Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus is bound to thrill, excite and baffle.


“This is an intimate, exuberantly entertaining show delivered with energy and panache by Uncle Tacko. It is refreshing to see new life breathed into the old Flea Circus. Tacko engages the audience with wit and verve never forgetting the care and duty he has for his minute stars. Under his spell we become part of this touching relationship as his circus fleas amaze us with their strength, agility and death-defying antics. Not for the faint-hearted! Best suited to a family audience with involvement and topical references for all ages. Go see it!”
Gerry Flanagan – Artistic Director, Shifting Sands Theatre & Associates

“Everyone knows about the flea circus, but not many of us had actually seen the likes of Hercufleas, the strongman flea, or Tom Dayflea, the high diving flea whose tiny splash sent miniscule droplets of water into the crowd. I loved it – intricate, carefully crafted showmanship of the best kind – and hugely portable/exportable: I hope the flea circus goes global, but not before every festival in Britain has the chance to snap it up.”
Liz Pugh, Walk The Plank

Show details

Everything you need to know about booking an infestation of Uncle Tacko’s remarkable flea circus!

  • Each performance lasts about 30 minutes
  • You get up to 3 performances a day.
  • The show is ideal for all ages.
  • The flea circus show is mobile and can be pushed to any location at your event on the cart.
  • The show is presented on a beautifully painted, strange sounding cart. It takes about 15 minutes to set-up, so the show can either tour around your site, or stay in one place, ready to perform at whatever times you choose.
  • Uncle Tacko can also do walkabout with his monkey companion Captain Ginger.
  • The circus requires only 6ft X 6ft (2m X 2m) in which to perform, plus an area for the audience to stand around. Up to about 30 people can watch at any one time
  • Parking is needed for a Sprinter wagon nearby (plus somewhere to get a cup of tea and a loo)
  • Uncle Tacko! is a full member of Equity and has an up-to-date enhanced CRB.

In case of wet weather…
If the weather is inclement, then it is a simple matter to relocate to an agreed indoor (or under canvas) location.