Noye’s Fludde

Noye’s Fludde – Shaldon Festival 2013

Extracts from a review written by Kate Hill-Art

“Noye’s Fludde was written by Britten in 1957 and first performed at the Aldeburgh Festival the following year. It was intended for adult professionals to prepare and perform with children from local schools, at a time where music teaching was much more traditional and many more people would have been familiar with the traditional hymn tunes which the audience and children sing as part of the performance.

Quite a challenge then, for the Shaldon Festival 55 years later…

…. It was a massive co-ordination job, and an equally massive challenge to pull it together as a musical performance by the musical director – Stephen Threlfall and the overall director – Tony Lidington…

… The result was a resounding success. Those who heard it were moved and delighted, and those who took part had an amazing experience.”

Read the full review An over-view of Noye’s Fludde by Kate Hill (pdf)