We’re All On Tour!

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Uncle Tacko @ Pilton Green Man Festival:

Uncle says: After an early start and a beautiful drive to North Devon, Uncle Tacko!, Captain Ginger and the performing fleas have had a grand day out today at Pilton Green Man Festival – so much fun, in fact, that we did 2 extra shows! A lovely, peaceful celebration of the wild man of the woods…now who knows which young man Madam Flea-Flea has absconded with today? Don Hearne, Festival Organiser at Pilton Green Man said: ” You are now officially a festival favourite and we hope to see you again soon!”.

Munch & Crunch @ Springwood School, The Dales School & Wigmore School:

Bunny: We’re home and dry after a great week touring to schools in Yorkshire and Herefordshire. Rain forced us indoors at Springwood and the Dales School but everyone had ever such a lovely time singing along to M&C classics such as The Skin Song and joining in with Bunny & Beano’s Fruity Olympics…! Thank you once again to everyone who hosted….we were treated to many a cup of tea, biscuits and curry three times a day!

Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus & Captain Ginger @ Larmer Tree Festival:

Bunny: I tagged along with Uncle Tacko to offer my help as his stage manager/general dogsbody at Larmer Tree Festival. The skies opened and rained on us for all of friday but it brightened up a bit for saturday so Captain Ginger’s fez didn’t get too soggy. Captain Ginger went down an absolute storm *get it??* with tinies, adults and even animals as he went head to head in a “who is the most beautiful” competition with a local peacock.


We’re All On Tour!