Tony Lidington’s “The Great Mephisto!” on Radio 4…again!

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“Curiosities of the Egyptian Hall” series is to be repeated on BBC Radio 4 at 7.45pm on 31st July and at 7.45pm on the 7th and 14th August. A series of three stories inspired by the Victorian venue in Piccadilly, famed as the home of magic, spectacle, freak shows and pseudo-scientific demonstrations.

The second of the three stories, “The Great Mephisto” was written by Tony Lidington. “A young illusionist from the Punjab takes revenge on his cruel master” Read by Madhav Sharma with Tony Lidington as Alfred, the Custodian of the Hall.

Directed by David Blount

A Pier production for BBC Radio 4.

Don’t miss it!

Tony Lidington’s “The Great Mephisto!” on Radio 4…again! Posted on July 26, 2011