A short video of our ‘Seaside Fun!’ – featuring Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus and Professor Gayton’s Punch & Judy, on Teignmouth seafront 2020: the first seaside entertainment to perform in the UK after the Covid lockdown. Drone footage and editing by High Flying Lens.

Note the Covid-safe social distancing design of the audience seating and the production! Prom-prom is going to great length to ensure that audiences are able to enjoy live family-friendly entertainment without putting themselves at risk from too-close contact. Uncle Tacko’s shows and Prom-Prom shows are available for booking – great fun-for-all in a safe environment. Please email us to discuss your needs and requirements.

This Show became possible as the result of long negotiations with our local and district authorities over the kinds of COVID-19 restrictions that needed to be in place for the safety of both artists and audiences. We are indebted to NASA UK, OAUK and particularly Mark Mark Productions for their help, advice and support. Consequently, we persuaded authorities in Exmouth and Dawlish to follow suit and led the vanguard of outdoor performance in the UK. This drone footage shows how we maintained the social distancing bubbles just with disinfected vinyl mats and benches!Hopefully, we can all find ways to present our work for Summer season 2021.

Your Ever-Loving, Uncle Tacko! X

‘Seaside Fun!’ – Teignmouth 2020. The first seaside entertainment to perform in the UK after the Covid lockdown!