Clifford Essex

Tony is writing another series for BBC Radio 4, commissioned by Pier Productions about the first ever Pierrot Troupe
created by Clifford Essex in 1891 at Henley Regatta. They were originally called “The Pierrot Banjo Team” but changed their name to “Clifford Essex’s Royal Pierrots” after performing for His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) on board the Royal Yacht at Cowes Regatta in August 1891.

This is a three part series, inspired by the biography of Clifford Essex, which Tony found in the British Library after 20 years of searching! He will be making the studio recording in Brighton early in November. Broadcase dates TBC for January/February 2013. This is Tony’s 8th series that he has written for Radio 4 and is currently negotiating further commissions – both features and comedy.

Clifford Essex
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