Silver Screens

Prom-Prom is pleased to announce it’s latest community project, “Silver Screens”.


“Silver Screens” is an exciting new intergenerational, oral history project for Dawlish in South Devon about cinema-going in the 1930s-50s. A group of volunteers – some newly-retired and some young people will learn digital recording & editing skills at Red Rock Centre and then oral history skills with Folk South West. They will then visit three different residential care settings to record the residents’ memories of cinema-going in their youth. They will also watch a period film together. Once all the recordings have been completed, they will be edited into a 45-minute CD that will be distributed to all the participants and schools & museums as a learning tool for the future. It is a project led by Promenade Promotions (Prom-Prom) Limited and supported by The Senior Council of Devon, Time For Life, Young Devon & West Bank Community Health & Care. The project funded by Awards For All.




Silver Screens Posted on October 22, 2011