In other news!

Summer Season:

Yes, we know it’s not even Christmas yet, but we are already planning our Summer season for Uncle Tacko’s Flea Circus, Captain Ginger, The Imaginarium & The Dom-Tink! The advance publicity will be coming-out in the next month…keep ‘em peeled!


Organisational development:

Prom-Prom have managed to secure an Awards For All organisational development grant from Arts Council England to look at the medium-term strategic management and business planning of the company. Rose Cuthbertson & Roger Lancaster of ‘Roger Lancaster Associates’ are working on our behalf to see how best the company can develop during a world-wide recession and in an age of austerity which we expect to last for the next 5 years at least. They will be examining the internal structures of the company, our long-term objectives and our stakeholder relationships and subsequently reporting back in the new year with their recommendations…it is a really exciting opportunity for us to consider how best to address the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead, as well as how best o capitalise on the immense successes of recent years.


In other news – Oct 2012