Prom-Prom delivers a range of practical workshops related to the material we produce. We can also provide extended workshops or residencies on a variety of themes tailored to your needs.

Mr Punch

A simple workshop (or series of workshops) with Uncle Tacko! – accessible for all ages and abilities which explores the use of different kinds of puppets: glove puppets, finger puppets, even mechanical puppets. A hands-on and hands-in experience!

Seaside Entertainment
The Pierrotters
The Pierrotters

A lecture demonstration about the history of seaside entertainment with Tony   Lidington: what is the British seaside? How did it come about? What are the origins of the seaside pierrot troupe and  concert party…and how modern pop  music and comedy are rooted in these  very British artforms.

Suitable for ages  11+, with original archive material, data- projected imagery and live 78 gramophone music…there’s   even the chance to singalong! A CD of seaside entertainment is available for sale too.

Victorian and Edwardian Entertainments
Mr Punch
Mr Punch
Pierrot Punch banjo
Pierrot Punch banjo






The real roots of contemporary British popular culture. A lecture-demonstration on music hall, minstrel troupes, concert parties, pantomime, circus, Punch & Judy from one of the country’s most exciting purveyors of British performance heritage.

Other Workshops

We also offer workshops in:

Slapstick Workshop

Storytelling for early years

Storytelling for English as an Additional Language

Street Arts and Disability Arts

Please contact us for further details

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